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So Lost?

Yes, I love Sayid. I admit it freely. Naveen Andrews just fucking rules scenes with his eyes and facial expressions. Which is sadly one of the main issues that I have with Kate - every time Sayid rocked the fuck out of a scene with just the pleading in his eyes (think the torture scene with stranded crazy philosopher Rosseau), our first scene of Kate in this ep is her looking sad. And pensieve. (TM TWOP)

And - a new emotion - worry!

It's just a weird juxaposition of characters, I know, but it's so damn obvious. Kate also totally sucked when she was cloying to get the good doctor's attention while he was golfing, dude, you do not come between a man and his sports.

The golf course? Brilliant. My dad is a huuuuuge golf fiend, so he was smiling mad crazy when he saw what they were up to. According to him, Matthew Fox has a great swing.

Oh, Kate and Sawyer are so much more interesting together and Kate and Jack. I actually like Jack, but I groan when he's in a scene with Kate, all the worst aspects of his character are emphasized in those scenes. He's far more interesting with my sekrit lover Mercutio (do not tell Sayid, y'all).

How much do I love that Mercutio's a (damn good) artist? And that he works in construction now? A long story? I bet we're gonna be hearing it soon then. Just no uber dark secrets for the love of God, I'm begging you.

I really enjoyed this ep, yes, there was too much and the golf/Danielle/Sayid's past scenes did not mesh as well as they should have. But it was damn interesting.

And Sayid was motherfucking hot when he walked straight up to Danielle and said what was written on that photograph. Sidenote: OMG Nadia, when you're fucking spared your life by a Republican Guard, run bitch, run for your life! Sayid had to kill his evil friend and shoot himself to let you (possibly) get away.

I love that Sayid doesn't like the part of himself that can believe, he's a logic man, a person who wants to believe in the facts, and yet, he prays and he can't let go of Nadia. And he heard Voices apparently. And totally left his picture of her (his link to the hope/the real word perhaps?) behind.

This ep set up a lot but man, Sayid's just my favorite. I can't help it. I mean the line "Then I'm going to have to hurt you?" *shivers*

And then revealing that Nadia promised him they will meet again, if not in this life, then in the next? *swoonish shiver* And Naveen did a beautiful job of delivery, one bad note and you go to cheez terrority, but it just worked.

Also, if the theme of 'They Weren't Supposed To Be On That Flight' continues, then maybe Sayid wasn't supposed to be on it because he's supposed to find Nadia (which as he believes is impossible)? I mean, they only revealed a part of his life, we better (*shakes fist*) get more, because that was seven years ago, and I believe Sayid remained with the Guard, he was just about to be promoted to Communications Officer. Perhaps these flashbacks signified the moment of rot, the moment when he realized that he could not lie to himself and remain a part of this.

And I wonder how he got out - he clearly told Nadia, if he leaves, his family dies. Hmm.

Oh crazy philosopher lady? Fucking crazy, but hell, I'd want to keep Sayid too. *ahem*
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