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Holiday Cards

Oh just...

If anyone would like to receive a card from me, please sumbit your name and address at this post or e-mail me at regala_electra at yahoo dot com.

I tried to check my friendlist for those who also set up those cool polls and screened posts, but if I didn't supply my name and address, it's mostly because I didn't remember to. And if you haven't replied to my post or e-mailed me? Please do.

Or comment here and say 'hey dumbass, I'd like to send your ass a card.'

I really want to get into the spirits of the holidays this year and erm, the deadline is sorta approaching.

Plus you get to see my hilarious handwriting. Cramped, illegible, and extremely tight and small? It's a dream come true, it is.

But it has lead to one of my favorite comments on these study sheets I handed in (not knowing we had to hand them in and thus, using my super shorthand, cramped style): "ARGHHHHHHHH!"

Yes. A professor wrote that as a part of his comments on something I handed in. It's awesome. ;-)
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