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an apology

I am so, so, SO very sucktastic. I swear, I shall post the several 'days' of my self-imposed ficathon tonight.

Okay, so one week o' classes left:

Final Paper for Spenser (7 pages)
Art of the Italian Renaissance Final Exam

Final Paper for World Literature (7-9 pages)
History of Illustration Final Exam

Which means I'm all done with my Art of the Near East class, although I'm a little wary of how my last paper turned out. I got an A- on both of my papers in that class and an A on my oral report, but I still have no idea how it'll turn out in the end.

I'm a bit miffed because I won't have any idea of my grades on my final paper for Art of the Italian Renaissance until MONDAY and I have to e-mail my professor in my History of Illustration class to know what I got on my term paper about Thomas Nast.


I just pray I scraped passing grades, because I royally fucked up this semester but good.
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