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I was a taller girl too, once.

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hello, goodbye, I don't remember the rest of the words!

Hello, goodbye, I'm totally not humming the song from The Sound of Music.

Oh no, I'm not THAT dorky.

*shifty eyes*

I feel as though I have annoyed and/or weirded out some people. It is frustrating. Not because I'm frustrated AT them, but at myself, for I don't know how to be all social and proper, with the being interesting and unique and charming.

Tomorrow is my lj's two year anniversary. Aww. Look at it being all lj-ey.

And dammit, school begins tomorrow, although I only have one class. Which is good. And a dental appointment! Apparently scheduled in the middle of that class. I am brilliant as always.

I rilly, rilly need to post fic tomorrow. This is getting a leetle sad that I've been so lacking.

And to those who erm, seem to hate/be annoyed/be avoiding me at the moment, I am sorry.
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