I was a taller girl too, once. (regala_electra) wrote,
I was a taller girl too, once.

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ranting and raving sane

Flist, why are you not requesting rants from me? Go here and request something, you bitches.

I'm in the mood for ranting, for I am not writing the 10 line poem from a prose piece that I am supposed to be working on for my Advanced Poetry course.

That is due tomorrow.

Nope, I'm being teh suck.

So, make me rant, make me rave, or I will go off on a rant about my sucktastic flist and I will post incriminating pictures of you all! Naked! Dancing under a full moon! Y'all are witches! Heretics!

Go request a rant!

*shakes fist of rant-y power*
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