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Gay Atheist Spy!

So poisoninjest has an awesome, awesome rant about Shakespeare (for indeed, he rocketh muchly). And she mentioned about what people 'want' from Shakespeare's actual life in relation to his contemporaries:

They want a learned courtier like Bacon, or a dashing gay atheist spy like Marlowe (yes, I realize that we have no actual proof that he was gay, or an atheist. But he might have been, and isn't it exciting! Suddenly I want there to be a cop show about Marlowe. "He likes boys! He talks shit about Moses! He FIGHTS CRIME!" Kyd could be his sidekick).

And thus starts the bestest idea for a TV show ever as witnessed in this ad for it check your local listings for Marlowe: Gay Athiet Spy!

And there's even a theme song! Marlowe theme song

God bless other English Majors, for who else could share in our crazed notions?

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