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I was a taller girl too, once.

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Alright, before anyone uses this against me: I did indeed kill that adorable panda bear.

In my defense, it was dark, I was drunk, and it was delicious.

And to continue with the d words, I am currently taping all of S1 of Deadwood (new ep this Sunday!) and it is seriously brilliant. It has a slow start, but fuck, you get to ep four and you ain't hooked? You're a dirty lying cocksucker.

I mean, I've seen these eps at least twice and I'm taping them because wow, it's great TV (or per the motto, not, as it's HBO). I don't care for Westerns, and yet I'm all over Deadwood - it's like the anti-Western, there's no good cowboy, even though Seth Bullock is our defacto hero - he's not only really, really flawed, he's a complete asshole most times and he knows it, along with those that are friendly with him.

So fuck yeah. Good stuff.
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