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In Defense of Mssr. Moony: Lupin's Future

In Defense of Mssr. Moony:

It’s not actually a defense per se, it’s more a series of thoughts regarding Lupin’s future in the next two books and possibility beyond that.

I should warn that I’m going to make reference to the covers of the sixth book and a mild spoiler about the DADA position, so if you’re especially spoilerphobic, do not read those parts.

What will become of our favorite werewolf gay ex-Professor?

NOTE: A rating system has been put in place (ooh, don't worry, it's not MPAA standard). It's a scale of 0-5 bars of Honeyduke's Best Chocolate.

Theories for Lupin in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.

Lupin is Dead Wolf Walking:

0 Bars

Let's start it off with a simple, "No, please."

Spoiler/Speculation/Book Covers warning for HBP:

Personally, if I was a gambling woman, I'd say that Dumbledore's our doomed 'favorite' character (in quotations, because for me, sometimes I do like him, other times I want to throttle him for his crazy-like-a-fox plans which always end up in Harry getting hurt/maimed/forced to live with the Dursleys). The covers of the UK Kids edition and the American edition suggest he and Harry are going into a major battle royale o' flames. And since JKR can't kill off Harry (yet)...Dumbledore's fate is looking pretty crispy.

So the question then becomes "Would JKR off other major/minor characters in order to have a heavy death toll so to show off the evil of Lord Thingy and the fact that this is going to be one very bad war?"

Probably. I'd say look out for the Weasleys (which I am - I love them all so very much). It depends on whether HBP is going to cover the breakout of the war or if it's another book amping up to the Big Battle in the seventh book. I would have assumed it would be another amping up, but OotP's main problem turned out that it was too much of a stalemate. I certainly was waiting for hell to break loose, because from the ending of GoF (last chapter: "The Beginning"), there was a sense of things going very, very bad (or at least, that things were going to happen). But then they didn't, not really, and Harry's frustration, along with the reader's, wasn't as fun to read.

I should sidenote that I really enjoyed OotP, but I do get the criticism of that book as its place in the series is a trifle irritating, it's the longest book and not much happens when you take away all the fakeouts of "OMGWTFBBQ She's Going to Kill Mr. Weasley!"

Okay, I got way off track. I think you can answer whether or not Lupin's falling alongside Dumbledore with the end of OotP. In it, we have a lovely scene of the adult wizards confronting the Dursleys. Lupin's as kind as ever and that made me wonder. Does Lupin have value as a possible guardian/friend to Harry?

Indeed, I believe he does, moreso that Sirius, who had been broken and embittered by Azkaban and Grimmauld Place, and seemed to be used as an example to Harry, a warning, of what happens when you let all the negatives feelings overwhelm your innate goodness. Sirius wasn’t able to overcome and he fell in battle, probably how he wanted to go out, but there’s tons of regret with regard to all those months leading up to the Department of Mysteries.

I understood why JKR killed off Sirius, but I'm not thrilled by it, by any stretch of the imagination. There's a major discrepancy between the more adult figure of Sirius at the end of GoF and the bitter, isolated Sirius throughout OotP and I don't think JKR successfully pulled it off. Lupin, however, seemed to pick up exactly as he would have from PoA to OotP - I recognized him greatly and I found the little tidbits about his work (he lives with Sirius - heh, I leave it to you to figure out how closely - and goes off on missions that aren't explained at all) and his personality quite interesting.

Lupin vents to Sirius about Umbridge, with Sirius regards with slight amusement ("You should hear him talk about her"), he also gets swept away in the memory of younger James alongside Sirius when Harry asks about Snape's Worst Memory, and admits he sucked as a Prefect when it came to corralling James and Sirius. He goes over to speak with the werewolf at St. Mungo's, and it's a kind moment, though we have no way of knowing what transpired.

So would JKR kill off Lupin in HBP? I think it would be a bit too much of a retread of OotP, another Marauder down. Plus, at the very worst, it would mean that Peter was the last Marauder standing.

To this possibility, I say hell no. Lupin's got one more book left in him.


Lupin's Going Out In Battle/Damn The Silver Hand/Last Marauder Standing:

Three possibilities tied up in one theory of Lupin kicking some ass.

Dying in Seventh Book:

Two Bars

There's gotta be a price to pay and why wouldn't Lupin pay it? It's the last book and the fact while This Time, It's Personal for Harry and Lord Thingy, the Death Eaters and Dark Creatures have to amassed a large army just itching to take over the magical world.

Lupin's been with us, the readers, long enough to make it hurt without making it particularly heavy-handed, I think him either going out fighting a la the Prewetts or on the battlefield, would almost be a fitting end, so long as that rat bastard Peter's dead before Lupin hits the ground.

Damn The Silver Hand:

Three Bars

Sure, there's no canonical evidence that werewolves can be harmed by silver. Wolfsbane, which in some stories can kill werewolves, is a part of the potion that tames werewolves during the full moon. JKR has Lupin drinking from a goblet in OotP. Although we have no idea if it's a part of the Black's silver, it's probably likely that he isn't affected by silver as most werewolf lore insists. Because then there's also the question about silver Sickles and whether or not a werewolf would be able to carry change around without getting hurt.

I personally like the idea that silver can only affect a werewolf when he's transformed, but JKR hasn't set down the law about it, so it's a big mystery.

What's not a mystery is that Peter, now Wormtail, has a fucking silver hand. Now I didn't freak on first read of that, I was more worried about the fact that he can crush stone with this new hand. But on second read, I thought, "Oh fuck, Lupin's doomed."

Now, I wonder if that's true, if the hand is going to play a part. I'm very wary of that damn hand and personally I want to see Lupin get to finish what he promised in PoA - killing Wormtail for betraying/murdering Lily and James.

A werewolf up against the rat with the silver hand. I really hope JKR did indeed for that juxtaposition, because it is pretty awesome, even if it ends up that silver does nothing to werewolves.

Last Marauder Standing:

Five Bars

He shouldn't be the one that survives. He's cursed, he's outcast, and he’s never going to have a normal life. He suffers every day and the transformation takes its toll on him and sure, he can now curl up as a harmless wolf, but that transformation is still not pleasant. There's not a hopeful future down the road for him.

But Lily and James died young and Sirius died broken (but at the very least, in battle), and Peter's lost forever, twisted and turned dark, and Lupin's still here. Wouldn't it be something if he was still standing there?

He shouldn't, but he is, he's the one that got to grow up and become a fully formed adult, you have James and Lily dying as martyrs, Sirius imprisoned and turned mad, and Peter spent just over 12 years as a rat to ensure his own survival.

I think there's something fitting to have him as the only one that made it. Yes, it's lonely and it's terribly sad, but there's a lovely complexity to it, he's shouldn't be there, after it all ends, but if he's still there, well, damn. That's something.

Combining the Silver Hand theory with this one, there's also the neat setup of Lupin eking out some small amount of revenge for what transpired between the group - there's the undercurrent that everyone was responsible for assuming the someone else was the spy, but Peter WAS the spy, he ultimately is behind the rift even if he wasn't sowing the seeds of disruption when Lupin and Sirius were suspicious of each other.

Lupin steps up to Wormtail while Harry's brining love to cure Voldy's eeevil battling Lord Thingy.

"You killed the only people I considered my friends. Prepare to die."

Fighting. Bitchsmacking (the smacking of the bitch will be peformed by Mssr. Moony, Starring Peter as Wormtail the Bitch).

Death for Peter or Wormtail finally fulfills his debt to Harry and saves him or something. Wormtail then dies because I'd be pissed if he's still alive.

Lupin's left, Harry's either dead or alive or alive-and-wounded-badly, and end chapter.

Where does Lupin wind up then? Does he form a bond with Harry, does he walk off, pursued by a bear, or will he be able to permanently hired as the DADA teacher (much to Snape's dismay, if Snape indeed is alive and didn't have to die saving Harry, which would make his extra pissed off)?

Doesn't matter. What does is that he's the only one left, for what it's worth.


Finally, A Mature Guardian For Harry:

Three bars

I actually considered how much I really want this to happen. Do I really want Lupin to take on the role of parental figure that Harry's never quite had, even when Sirius was alive?

Ultimately, it's a slippery slope with regard to how successful this will be. Lupin, in Harry's eyes, is very much in the position of 'teacher' despite the fact that he's been sacked. There's also Lupin's attitude, sure he's very nice, he's also decidedly removed. There's a hesitation that Lupin has in his relationships with other people, especially with Harry. I don't think Lupin would ever really make pronounced overtures of trying to be anything to Harry - he'd want Harry to step up and Harry's subscription of issues come with a special edition: "People I Care About Tend to Die On Me AND CAPLOCK CAPLOCK CAPLOCK."

(There will be a fresh article titled "Dumbledore: Sure He Fucked Up My Childhood, But He Meant Well and OMG WTF Am I Do Now That He's Dead?" after HBP hits the stands.)

How much time can JKR spend on developing a close bond between Lupin and Harry? Harry's slowly getting more and more people in his life through the Order and the Weasleys are really his closest thing to an honest-to-goodness family - it's Bill and Mrs. Weasley who visit him during the Triwizard Tournament, Mrs. Weasley is really the motherly influence in his life, and Mr. Weasley's been sort of the wacky uncle.

Er, that came out a bit muddled. Basically, it's a question of whether Harry's in a position to need a guardian, he's 16 in HBP and years older just because of all that he's been through and while Lupin's experienced a lot of shit, would these two broken characters really need the other? Harry's got Hermione and Ron and Lupin tends to just go off on his own (the end of PoA and the desire for a short goodbye).

Lupin's placed in a position at the end of OotP where he promises he'll be there for Harry if he needs anything, but to be a guardian in the way that I think a lot of people want Lupin to be, I don't think that's going to happen. He may just be a very trustworthy adult, too used to keeping his own secrets.

While he's really the one who pressed the matter when it came to what Harry could hear about the Order, while he's the one who held Harry back at the dais, and whispered those awful words ("He's gone."), Remus Lupin's abilities to be a guardian, with all the emotional issues that entail when you're trying to be a part of Harry's life aren't lacking, but there's just that damn hesitation.

Sure, he could do it, but is he willing to do it or has he grown too accustomed to striking out on his own?

It could be done, but if it were done, it would have to be done carefully.


Professor Remus J. Lupin, Defense of Dark Arts:

Four Bars

My secret wish is Lupin getting to be a teacher again. He's the best real professor that Harry ever had in this field, he's the one that set Harry on the path to kicking ass in DADA, and it seemed that he was happy being a professor at Hogwarts, 'illness' notwithstanding. I know JKR has said it'll be a (HBP SPOILER) new person teaching DADA, but I really would like to see him back to his old position in book 7.

As for any canonical evidence for this idea, I really don't think there is any. While Lupin's been restricted of jobs (because of fucking Umbridge) in OotP, I don't think we've been given any indication that he wants his old job back. If he still believes he's a danger to the children because he's a werewolf, then he's not going to go back to Hogwarts.]

But still, Professor Lupin, it has a ring to it.


Lupin Loves the Ladies/Supergay/Remus Loffs Tonks:

This is our "Does Lupin Have a Chance at sexlove?" portion of the wild speculation.

Lupin Loves the Ladies:

One Bar

Harry Potter is not a story about the love lives of the adults. Hagrid and Olympa were treated as a bit of comic fodder in GoF and their relationship was all but gone/fizzled out in OotP, mostly so we could read that Grawp storyline (and please, raise your hand if you skim the Grawp and Hargid parts when you reread - I have both hands up).

We have no idea if any of the professors are married and they mostly live the lives of monks and nuns. (I think blacksatinrose mentioned how awesome/hilarious it would be if there was a Mrs. Snape and I'd die laughing if that was true, but Snape seems to be King Monk).

Honestly, considering Lupin has no job (or can't keep a job), is a WEREWOLF (which to wizards, is pretty pitiful/contemptible, we've been shown time and again the small-mindedness of the mass society of wizards), and has to jet off for sooper-sekrit Order missions, he ain't exactly a catch.

And here, I gingerly place on my slash goggles. We have no mention of which way Lupin swings. Yes, it's a debatable point, but it's still important. We have no clue about Lupin and his sexual/romantic relationships, unless you're fond of Sirius/Remus and love saying theirloveiscanon!!111

Which er, I love to do. Shut up.

So, romance in the adult world of HP seems to be quite purposefully absent, most likely to focus on 'young love' between the kids in HP. Whether Lupin's spending his nights with a bevy of lovely women or not, it's not going to come up in the next two books.

However it would be funny if Lupin was regularly hooking up. In the same way it would be funny if Snape turned out to have an obsession with reading romance novels. There's a fun absurd quality to it.

Supergay, Thanks for Asking!:

Two Bars (Two Thousand Pounds of Awesome Glitter)

Yes, we don't know if Lupin's gay, straight, or in love with trees. (The latter would explain his joy at running around in the Forbidden Forest when a werewolf.)

And considering the shit JKR's taken just for writing a fantasy series about a boy wizard, the shit would fly if a character was 'outed.' Lupin might be the best bet, but as for happening in this reality, of a character coming out in the HP books, well, there's a better shot at Mark Evans being the Half-Blood Prince.

While it would be fabulous and I'd love it, it's even more absurd than Lupin turning out to be a man-ho of the Roger Davies variety (Roger Davies, Man-Ho was made mention of at the HP Fametracker thread and it's stuck with me ever since).

Lupin is not going to show up decked out in leather, organize parades, or start snogging menfolk.

Again, that would be awesome, but really, not in this series.

There's also the more serious discussion that has taken place regarding Lupin's werewolf status as being a commentary on society's treatment of those with HIV/AIDS (as JKR has stated she was exploring was it would be like for someone to have a disease that made them 'other' in society's point of view). If Lupin's character is exploring that issue, isn't there a bigger problem if he indeed is gay and doesn't that take on negative connotations and already my brain is spinning?

So I don't know the answer to that. I do know the answer to the likeliness that Lupin's coming out, decked in glitter: You've got a better chance at seeing the giant squid finally getting some action.

Remus Loffs Tonks:

One Bar

So Tonks. Tonks is Tonks. Some call her a Mary Sue. Some do not like her one bit. Some like her, love her, and think she's awesome.

We don't know Tonks that well, she's a spazz, got very lucky by being able to change appearances at will, and is a member of the Black family, though disinherited because her mother married Ted Tonks, and we don't know what House she was sorted into (I think Hufflepuff, but it would be awesome if we finally got a 'good' Slytherin by her, and it would suck if she's just another Gryffindor).

Clearly, she's perfect for Lupin. Wait...what? Again, we fall into the issue of hooking up in the adult world of HP (Sure Fleur's improving her English with Bill, but that's all the mention made there).

To have Tonks and Lupin as a couple in HBP would be, frankly, out of wack with what little we know about the characters. There's an age difference, yeah, but I doubt that's a problem, more so that there's a 'out of left field' quality to hooking up these two characters. Tonks like showing off ability to change faces, she trips over things, and she has a nice sense of humor, but she also doesn't take things too seriously. Lupin is secretive, has a quiet sense of humor, is pleasant, and is above all, very professional, but he's also too aware of his limitations. (Meaning, oh that boy's all about the angst, kind façade, aside.)

It seems to be a situation of two available adult characters being single, so why not hook them up?

There's not much I can say about the positives or negatives of this couple. All I can say is that I'd be smacked upside by a Bludger if this pairing actually occurred.


Hugged Him Like a Brother:

0 Bars (10 Bazillion Sparkly Wishes)

There is no possible way that JKR is ever going to have Lupin EVER reveal he had any 'romantic feelings' for Sirius or that their relationship was in fact so very damn canon. And I say that as a huge Remus/Sirius shipper. Sure, if someone manages to get JKR tipsy and gabby, maybe that person can manage to get her to admit she totally meant for that subtext to be there or that she didn't intend it, but now that she thinks about it, Sirius and Remus totally Had Something Going On.

I'd love for there to be a few more moments wherein shippers get to squee over the possibility. But for an out-and-out confession, well, along with Supergay, those kind of big revelations of romantic love seem to be absent in HP.

Just as there's not going to be coda if Lupin kicked the bucket: "And then Lupin floated up to heaven, saw amongst the crowd of many, Sirius, and went over to finally embrace him as deeply and fully as he always felt," I don't think we're ever going to get confirmation of theirloveiscanon.

A pity really. It's a fascinating relationship, whether platonic or more.


Remus J. Lupin, Ex-Professor of DADA, Werewolf, and Half-Blood Wizard is NOT The Half-Blood Prince:

Five Bars:

He's not the Half-Blood Prince, y'all. He's just some werewolf Harry knows.



A Rather Nice Cup of Tea:

Five Bars

If he makes it, I think he's going to take a nice nap, wake up and make some tea, possibly using tea leaves as there's nothing to worry about now, and maybe answer any letters that came through Owl Post.

I hope at the very least, he'll be content if happiness is out of the question.

This is all my wild speculation and my hopes for what’s going to happen in the next two books. If Lupin turns out to be a tap dancing fairy ballerina taking some veterinary classes on the fly, well, so long as JKR makes it plausible, I’ll enjoy reading it.

Now I better get back to the fanfic writing.

Discuss/Argue/Eat Chocolate at will.
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