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I was a taller girl too, once.

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*your image of me flailing all over here*

Y'all, today is nariya birthday. I got to see the lovely Ms. Nar on Friday, drank a Sex on the Beach (yummy!), went to the China Club, and totally had an awesome time. So I hope she at least has a day just as lovely as Friday, even though I'm not there. ;-)

Love ya lots, hon.

In other news: I am losing my voice, have decided that my kickass 3 inch boots were not made for clubbing, learned that you should really turn your lights on when you're driving home at 3 A.M, not to talk to creepy dudes on the train home (aka The Drunk Train of Doooom) because they will try to talk to you even when you're clearly reading a book, dude, and er, I am so panicked about graduation, it is not even funny.

Plus I can't write a certain character at all and I am very miffed about that.

Other than that...ugh, I have to check in for jury duty this week, have several papers due and OMG I am fucking screwed when it comes to this semester. Jaysus.
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