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Slashing Criminals the Reg Way

What does this say about me:

I just watched the fabulously gay QaF with plenty of mansexing ahoy, meanwhile my slash buttons are twittering happily during Reservoir Dogs as Mr. Orange lies in a pool of his own blood while Mr. White tries to console me.

Man, you know what? I am so messed up in the head.

I'd mentioned to my dad how awesome I thought Reservior Dogs was (I'd just seen it last week) and he was surprised, saying how it's more a guy's movie. Meanwhile in my head, I'm thinking, yeah, but did you see the UST between White and Orange? Theirloveissobloodyandimplausiblysurvivingagutwoundforsolong?

Yes, I know, it's wrong, but dude, it's also so there. Betrayal! Angst! Impending death! Tim Roth! It's all there, my friend. It's all there.

PREVIEW SPOILER FOR QAF: Dude, Brian is a bazillion times hotter than the 'new competition.' And I'm not really all that into Brian.
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