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damn you, Sims 2!

My hand is broken. This is bullshit.

Actually, it isn't broken, just feels slightly sprained. I stupidly banged it into a piece of furniture and it cracked weird.

I have given up on fixing Sims 2. I'd thought that I solved the problem - my graphics card wasn't able to handle the game and I updated it online (seriously, the link to the update said 'problem with playing Sims 2) but it's crashed AGAIN and I am too tired to bother with trying to fix it. Computer 1, Reg 0.

Looks like the audio C.D.s from WriterCon 2004 are going to be sent out by the end of next month. Sadly my panel, Crossovers, didn't make the cut because of audio complications. So you won't hear me try to talk over a published writer who had no idea what fanfic crossovers were really all about when she stated at one point 'slash is a crossover.' Jigga whaaa?

However, I think my reading of 150 Cigarettes Later might be on it - the sunday fanfic reading. Gack. I hate the sound of my voice and I read it really fast because of time constraints. Still, Faith/Wes dark angsty goodness. Tis yummy.

Oh and I think knowledge Sims are fucking annoying. All of my knowledge Sims need to be coddled majorly, meanwhile Romance Sims manage pretty well on their own and I tried to get away with making a career/money Sim a domestic, but he freaked out at one point, went to panhandle and had to be comforted by a clown therapist.

Thankfully, the computer crashed and I was able to fix it by building up his little house with lots of shiny decorations (as he was depressed because he didn't have enough knicknacks apparently).

Now, I'll go ice my wrist and bid y'all a good night.
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