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reccomendations of the day

Anti-Rec: If you enjoy gum, do not buy Extra's Wildberry Frost flavor. Unless you enjoy the taste of fruit-flavored medicine. It tastes exactly like benadryll. So if you're all "mmm...allergy medicine" then you'll enjoy it. If not? It'll taste GROSS. Dammit, I should have just gone for the minty gum.

Rec: If you are ever travelling in the south of Long Island, Nassau County, do stop by All-American. If you've ever wondered what a '50's style burger joint looked like, that's the place to go. Best of all the prices are just as retro AND the fries are made in-store, you can sometimes see a person peeling potatoes in the back. Awesome burgers.

I shopped today and now I have two shiny new bras from Victoria's Secret. Plus I picked up my favorite lip balm from Bath and Body Works (warm vanilla sugar with SPF 15, yay) as they were having a semi-annual sale. Victoria's Secret is having one as well which I am reporting as though others don't know, but well, I didn't know, because I am a moron.

Do not go see Bewitched. Go see Batman Begins, as often as possible.

Say nice things to your mother.

Squee because jennem is going to be here in OMFUCKINGG a WEEK!

Crap, I have so much cleaning to do. And nariya needs to call me so we can plot where to dump Jennem's body take the lovely Miss J.

Now I am going to read some good fic and erm, clean.

My hand smells of creme brulee. Not because I ate of the delicious dessert, but because I picked up a bubble bath scented EXACTLY like creme brulee and it was slightly open and ick. Now I'm tasty.
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