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somebody needs a hug

Happy Birthday, ralkana!

*throws glitter*

Guess what I get to do tomorrow? I get to go to traffic court and fight a ticket for passing a stop sign. Oh I am a bundled bundling of nerves. It doesn't help that my retired cop grandfather has been 'helpfully' telling me what to say and now I feel like I am just going to suck ass and they're going to shred my license or something.

Backstory: I was ticketed last fall, smacked with three tickets, a tail light was out, my insurance (which I was most definately paying for and damn well had) card was suddenly missing (WTF?) and I didn't stop properly at a stop sign according to the cop. Oh, it was just lovely.

Now I have to rush out of work in order to make it to traffic court, pray that I don't like, say something stupid, which I totally feel I will say, and hope that I won't get smacked with points on my license. Jesus, my insurance just went down after an unfortunate fender-bender when I was 18 years old and my car skidded when I braked on a rainy night.

So yes, I would love some love. Perhaps some snaps c/o the lovely luna_k?
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