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I was a taller girl too, once.

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wherein I wear pants and eat too many Kettle chips

Blegh to you, work. I stayed late and still haven't even gotten anywhere. I finally had to leave before I started bashing my head on the desk.

So much work to do. Oh, it burns.

I also was stupid in food shopping after hell day, I bought things I didn't need and then had to make dinner for myself. Oh, for the days when I cooked and was happy. Now I cook in rage.

Also, I had a judgmental grocery bagger, who questioned my choice of ham. I was just so conked out that I just muttered, "Well, I'm part Spanish and I don't care how many years old it is, I like it; it's very good." Then I proceeded to watch him stuff glass bottles with heavy metal cans in a PLASTIC bag, NOT double-bagged and I didn't say anything.


But Arrested Development was on tonight which made me all so happy. And keever, thank you SO MUCH for sending me the premier of AD, taste the happy!

I have two hours before I have to go to bed. Woo, such an exciting life I lead.
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