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y'all my sister is a Logan/Veronica shipper

So I had another marathon of Veronica Mars (the second time I've seen the whole series and I was shocked by how damn awesome the show was). It's so funny, but I was pretty much against watching it because everyone pimped it as "The New Buffy." Considering my heart was pretty much torn out and then my brain was fried and served on burnt toast after seven seasons of BtVS, I wasn't too keen on having a second experience made all electric boogaloo'ed.

But I watched it. And fell in love. And was just happy. Then I called up nariya and messed with her told her that I was a Duncan/Veronica shipper. Which I am not. I am actually...a nonshipper.

I know. It's still me. But like, I don't care. I really don't care what happens, so long as it's believable.

I will admit that the only moment I rewound from my first marathon was the moment in Weapons of Class Destruction. You know that moment. Outside the hotel room. "Holy shit," I exclaimed. "I think we're going to need a replay."

Yes, I actually said this out loud. In an empty room. I am a dork.

But damn that was...damn.

Anyway, I love the series. And mayhaps I'll think about fic writing, but I need a sci-fi/fantasy edge and I can't just have them hunting dragons in Neptune, now can I?

Ah, shiny new obsession, how very pretty you are.

Okay, so now onto my sister - the Cuppy, the ten year old. She and I get along quite well most of the time and we started watching it on Friday night, when I was tired after coming home very late from work (as in, I was the last one to leave AND brought work home which I finished on Saturday, ick). We started watching VMars. She got totally addicted and was just awesome to have as a commentator.

I swear, every time a new character popped up, she asked if that was the person that killed Lilly. Which is endearing and adorable in an annoying way.

She disliked Duncan and said that "he wasn't cute." I disagreed with this. She did however like Troy and was really bummed by the reveal in You Think You Know Someone. By like, episode four, she really liked Logan and was like, "he's cute."

Now, it took me more than eight episodes to acknowledge that Logan was more than just an enjoyable, bastardly ass. (I love bastards though, which is one of the few reasons I'm still watching Nip/Tuck even though nearly every character except Christian is pissing me the fuck off. Hell, Scorpius is probably in my Top Five for Best Farscape Characters - John is 1 and Aeryn is 2.)

Okay, so last night? We're marathoning. It's getting late. I have in the second-to-last disc. I say to her, "Okay, we have one more episode [Weapons of Class Destruction] left then bed. Don't fall asleep."

Y'all? She cheered when Logan and Veronica kissed. She was giddy, she had a full out shipper explosion of joy. It was crazy.

So of course I messed with her for the next couple of episodes about the Logan/Veronica relationship, saying stuff like, "oh this is where we find out that Logan killed Lilly and drugged Veronica and that he ATE Lilly's braiiiiins!"

I don't think she believed me.

But we get to the end of the show and she was like, "ARGH! Who's at the door? It is Duncan? It's Duncan."

I told her the truth, but then I told her more of the truth (heh, there are my vague references to S2) and she made the most hysterical face. It's so weird though, my little sister is all over Logan/Veronica and I am drifting in the blessed seas of nonshipperdom.

Okay, time to go outside and check on that Apocalypse.
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