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Computer Help

That's it, today I am declaring the final death for my computer - November..what is it, the 27th? Yeah, November 27th.

I can't turn the bloody thing on. I'm tired of dealing with it - the nonmemory, the fact that I can't move it or it shuts off because there's a problem with the cord, and I've had it 'fixed' about three times now. I'm now typing on my sister's satanic Toshiba, which has a possessed cursor, so if I move my hand over the mousepad in the wrong way, I'll end up typing my words halfway up this paragraph.

It is very annoying.

I need a new freaking laptop. I went shopping for one at Best Buy today, my eye on an HP laptop, but was so underwhelmed by the person who offered to 'help' me, that I didn't buy a laptop even though I very desperately need one. She seriously had no information to give me on the HPs besides what was written on the sticker...which I can read myself, thank you very much.

So, tech/computer savvy people out there, any reccomendations? I'm not really partial to HPs, but I am decidedly anti-Mac. I am looking for something with a f'ntastic memory, but if anyone has any advice, I'd really, really appreciate it.

Also, I am like, truly not freaking out over the fact that all my fic that was on my computer is pretty much trapped there. Not at all.
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