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"Reg Love Arrested Development"

Arrested Development good and so fucking funny. Makes me sad and mad at the same time (too many emotions - cannot handle more than one!) that Fox is as good as cancelling it with the cutback.


"It was an ILLUSION!"

Tobias screaming when he can't get into the pool to wet his burning hair. Which may or may not be making his legs and left arm 'fall asleep.'

Tony Hale doing Mr. Roboto in the car.

George Michael is my woobie. But they really do need to get a new tape. Poor Star Wars George Michael. He's just defending a galaxy, far away, a long, long time ago.

Michael ate a $15 dollar 'thing' of candy beans. And yet again got hit by Merry Poppums.

Invisible locks. That cracked up everyone at my house. We're a simple people, pleased by simple things.

In other news, I have S1 and S2 of The Office on DVD and I'm sad to say I didn't love the show as I expected to (especially since I like dark funny shows with unlikeable characters - hello Curb Your Enthusiam). I feel like I'm not going to appreciate as someone else might and if anyone on my flist would like it, just email me at regala_electra at yahoo dot com and I'll send it out. I feel guilty about purchasing a DVD and realizing I'm not going to watch it (a DVD, much like a book for me, has to be worth of a rewatch/reread).

So, anyone ever desire to see The Office?
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