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another boring post from our sponsors

My lack of posting is starting to look like a game of Mindsweeper - at least the Mindsweper I play - I get several right before it all goes klaboomy.

Y'all I have seen Underworld: Evolution and I still haven't see Brokeback Mountain. I am totally forcing myself to go after work tomorrow.

Dammit, you want to see the sad, sad movie of shiny gay cowboys. You need to.

This week at work has drained my soul. I have to tackle my boss tomorrow to get like 40 zillion things finalized as Deadlines are cropping up. I don't like doing things last minute and our company is like, The Last Minute Express. Choo choo.

OMG, I am so freaking boring. I will I could be, "but I'm totally writing fic!" because I'm totally not. I have no one to bounce ideas off of or share my crack with so I'm not even floundering, I'm just floating. Doing a lot of nothing. Damn, I can barely stand to be around myself. Probably why I've only been able to force myself to post about once a week.

All my fun has been drained, drained away.
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