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yay! and damn you doritos!

romanyg, thank you so much for the virtual gift! It cheered me up muchly after a day of delivering flowers to several fellow co-workers (damnable thing being at the front desk).

Although I really, really have to learn that as much as I love Cool Ranch Doritos (they changed the packaging again! Dammit, I liked the previous design!), when I eat them, they almost always make me violently ill.

Yeah, I think I'll be up all night.

And it's all because the two Walgreen's I passed by were madhouses, so I wasn't able to pick up cottonballs (yes, I know it doesn't make sense). I got pissed off and stopped off at a Dairy Barn to get something that would cheer me up.

I ignored once again that much like drugs, doritos only end in a person convulsing on the floor, wondering where it all went wrong.

Well, I have Farscape Starburst collection 2.3 to keep me company. Won't Get Fooled Again and a little Die Me Dichotomy will either get me in a better mood or will ensure that I'll be up all night contemplating what a fucked up little show Farscape was.

And that Doritos were created by Satan.
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