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Crack Fic Go Boom

Whilst driving home from work in this nonstop rainy weather, a horrible cracktastic thought entered my mind and kept on growing.

Okay. Tell me that the Doctor and Rose should not go see a taping of The Colbert Report when they actually meant to go see a taping of The Daily Show.

Also, Stephen Colbert should not turn out to be red-blooded American alien from an awesome planet of awesomeness.

Or know of the impending Alien Bear Invasion slated for the year 2010.

Nor should the line, "The Sycrox Invasion: Great Invasion or Greatest Invasion?" be asked by an audience member. And having Stephen Colbert come up an awesome answer. "Only a weak-kneed liberal would think of something like blood control. Well they didn't control me. I'm type AAH - All American Hero."

Or something.

Oh my God. I am not writing crack fic. You can't make me.
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