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this is me being Zen and tired

My right elbow is killing me. It is maddening. And I can't make it any better because tomorrow at work I'll be in the same situation and gah. It's aching.

Today I really didn't get all that much accomplished but it appeared that I did which is good. And the project that I was working on and hoped to get out today...didn't happen.

Oh well, it'll be done early tomorrow morning.

True conversation at work:

Me: "I need four copies of X now, [Fellow Coworker, Infamous for Slacking Off]."

Fellow Coworker: "I don't know, [The Boss Man] said you had to take out the chains and whips and force me to do it."

Me (not thinking): "Well, if you're into that type of thing..."

Fellow Coworker and Another Coworker in nearby cubicle: *crack the fuck up*

Oh thank god I trailed off because I was going to continue, "I would have brough them in" and I don't want everything thinking I'm a bloody pervert.

That's not really the image I'm going for.

This weekend I will be writing an incredibly, incredibly wrong fic about the Doctor and Rose and it is everyone else's fault.
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