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transcribed phone conversation with me 'n Sister K

So whilst at work, I called up home to get the name of something for someone as I promised something. (Vague is fun!)

And my sister K answers the phone like this:

Sister K: "'Lo?"
Me: "Oh, sorry, is this the [my last name] residence?" [cuz I use my serious bidness voice at work]
Sister K: [suspicious] "Who is this?"
Me: "It's me!"
Sister K: "Oh! Hey."
Me: "Hey. Is Mom around?"
Sister K: "No. Do you know she's fucking crazy?"
Me: "Yeah." [edited: boring RL stuff] "Listen whore, are you going to be around later tonight? Cuz we need to watch more episodes of Supernatural."
Sister K: "Maybe."
Me: "What do you think of it so far?"
Sister K: "It's good. It's like Are You Afraid of the Dark?"
Me: "Wait...are you insulting Are You Afraid of the Dark?...?"
Sister K: "It was awesome. What? No."
Me:"It's out on DVD now."
Sister K: "So?"
Me: "The whole series, apparently. All of Are You Afraid of the Dark?."
Sister K: "Oh, I thought you meant Supernatural."
Me: "No. Why would I? It's not out yet. That's why we're watching it on my computer..." [I trail off, realizing it's stupid to discuss HOW I have S1 of Supernatural, as if the phones are bugged. Then I think how stupid I am for thinking someone actually cares about my dorktastic life.] "Remember that episode with the pinball guy?"
Sister K: "Yeah! And he got trapped. They always ended sad."
Me: [thinking about the one with the two kids in the old movie theater being hunted by no!longer!Movie!Nosferatu and how they totally vanquished his ass.] "Well there was that one about the vampire-"
Sister K: "Yeah right, there's going to be a happy ending for a vampire. What - they live forever and kill people and-"
Me: [gasping for breath and trying not to call attention to my hysterical laughter] "No! I meant...OH MY GOD. I didn't mean - I have to hang up. I." [laughs hysterically]

*hangs up, crouches over, so not to call attention to hysterical laughter*

We may be different, and we may not always get along, but damn we both are ditzy.
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