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A Wicked Doctor Who Fanfic Thought

Okay, it's not about the New Companion Casting spoiler, just to let those who just clicked here to ease up.

No, it's about Captain Jack.

Still here?


I just said, OUT LOUD, realizing the fanfic opportunities I shall have with Captain Jack signed on for part of S3 (John Barrowman confirmed it at a con, although he won't be on for the whole series): Oh thank God, I can write slash again.

I? Am horrible.

But I really, really miss writing slash. And I don't think I can write Nine/Jack because, besides the near impossible timeline I have to work with, I don't know if I could write anything that hasn't already been explored in other fics. I mean, I haven't even tried Nine/Rose because I just don't know if I could do it decently without it being just PG-13 UST.

But...Tenth Doctor and Captain Jack! With apparent Issues between them causing some loving angst potential and I really do think there will be just so much tension to explore...nnnggghh.

Hell yeah.
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