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mother freller

Ever get to a point where you're no longer sleepy? It's 4:30AM and I only had about six hours of sleep on Friday and now it's Sunday morning and I'm still up and yeah.

Not so much with the sleepy.

And I'm a terrible napper. I wake up pissed off whenever I attempt to nap.

Also, I just realized, that among the many stories and WIPs I had on my former departed laptop, I fucking lost my messed up Farscape story abount unrealized realities, written in future tense.

Motherfucker. I loved that story. I spent ages on that story.

And I fucking lost my only record of it. Apparently, I never posted it to my lj. Fuckity fuck.

I curse, so that I might not cry. Some of my most favorite lines EVER written are in that goddamn story.

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