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I am going to be writing approximately eleventy billion fics tomorrow, but in the mean time, can anyone recommend a good song for a Faith and Connor meet up and chat part six to my Regrets series?

Because all I have right now? Is Carry On My Wayward Son. And that's just...not really what I want to use. Although I need something vaguely...moving on-ish.

Aye dios mio.


I use song lyrics for each part. If I can't find something else that works with the theme I'm playing with, it will be entitled glimpse beyond this illusion but I don't want to use that.

I'm being bitchy and sad about a fic series that no one wants to read. I accept this. I know I should be writing other more interesting and fun stories, but I need to see this WIP completed and just over and done with. And I am so damn close. I know exactly what I want to do in part 7.
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