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Today was a lazy day. A day of nothingness. A day of ignoring that I've blown all that money I was supposed to be saving for a vacation, my books for classes, and my car insurance.

Hi, my name is not Reg, and I'm dumbass. Glad to meet ya.

Yesterday I went into the city with my mom and two sisters. It was...an adventure. We went to the Empire State Building and I hit my arm on a giant hook on the 86th Floor, so my left upper arm has a nice horseshoe-like bruise.

I also took them to Times Square which was enjoyable as always.

But today has been a lazy day.

I've been wanting to write a follow-up to "mending horizons" but because I have to write it in such a way, I'm having a lot of difficulty. Oddly enough, mending horizons was rather quick to write; after I *dreamed* the main plot of the story, I was set.

The only real struggle I had with that one was that I didn't have a title for a long time. I was scribbling tons of variations until I finally put together two words that really worked and then gave a nice thematic element to the piece, which wasn't really entrenched until I got the title.

But this sequel isn't being as kind. I do have it planned out, which I rarely do, but I just can't get the words out.

And tomorrow folks, guess what I'm gonna be doing? Why, going to my school and bitching about the fact that my e-mail and access aren't working AGAIN.

The nightmares of going to classes are starting.

I need a distraction. Oh look, a floating plastic bag! I think I'll stare at that for a while.
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