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I wept, Jesus wept, it was a whole lot of wepting

Yes, it's weeping. But wepting sounds funnier.

I may have lost my mind. But that is okay. BECAUSE I FINISHED WRITING Kidney Punch. You guys?

It's over 9,000 words long. WTF brain? How can a crossover pairing go to 9,000 words for just one part of a fic. I used to write short fics. 2,000 words. Never really hit over 5,000 on average. This is madness.

Once I'm done editing this bitch, I'm going to happily write a story of Dean Winchester and Five Witchy Women, which will be awesome and SHORT. Yes, it'll be short and I'll no longer have Kidney Punch eating my brain 24/7.

Things that are better: I can now start working on Liquid Wood (Part 4 of my Faith/Dean Series Other Myths That Aren't True). Which is where I get to make fun of SPN vampires, have Faith crack a joke about Angel/Spike (it's the little things in life that bring me joy), and Dean and Faith can have sex, oh everywhere. Probably in a restroom at a hardware store. What? It totally works.

I'm...just so fucking happy right now.

Plus House was damn good and "It's never lupus." would be the name of my lj, only I love "and then they made me their chief."

THAT is how much I love that House hides his sooper-sooper-sekrit stash of pills in a textbook about lupus.
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