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I'm building an obstacle course

If there were any more boxes and random crap around my desk, it would be an obstacle course for real. Also, because I'm an idiot, I didn't put the poinsettias out around the office until the end of the day. So I had to stay for an extra 45 minutes.

Carrying terracotta pots around and dealing with floral decorations sucks out loud.

But things got better at home, where I went with Sister K on a walnut run (she was craving walnuts) and I picked up Doritos. Oh. So bad. I'm all jittery now because I had DORITOS and they make my brain crash a little and they also make me sick half the time, but THAT IS OKAY. *jitters*

I had swiped my sister's santa hat (it's red and white striped!) and actually went to the supermarket with it on. Yes, I walked around at 9:30PM in a Santaesque hat.

People stared. The cashier said that I must have early Christmas spirit what with the Santa hat. I just said, "well, it's not really a Santa hat, because Santa's hat isn't striped."

*jitters some more because I also had root beer soda and it was DELICIOUS*

Sometimes, I'm a bit of a freak. Not even an excuse of "I was drunk at the time!" But I am an adorable drunk, those like, three times I was drunk, I was charming. Even when I wrote the Ninth Doctor's speech to Rose about having a fantastic life on the big dedication card thingy for my Grandmother's 70th Birthday.

Okay, I paraphased it, mostly I wrote fantastic a couple of times and thankfully I didn't write "Rose" anywhere.

Tomorrow I have more boxes to go through. Joy. Also, arranging office holiday crap is annoying as all hell.
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