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Of the bad:

- Realizing the fic I posted yesterday had a freakin' spelling error...at work, today, when checking my email (and therefore, lj comments). Frest. Frest. OMG.

(It's been fixed now, the real word was fresh and it was a last minute add on as I posted it to lj.)

- My right leg is being a total bitch. I'm worried I'm going to get a calf muscle contraction and my ankle hurts.

- Some asshole threw a ketcup packet & a BBQ packet at my driver side door while I was out at Best Buy returning a pair of headphones. So I had to rush home and then clean off my car, UTTERLY pissed off.

Of the okay:

- Went to the gym. This is a good thing. Fight past my ankles/calves/knees being sucktastic and concentrate on getting healthy.

- I'm going to watch Won't Get Fooled Again after The Colbert Report and watching John Crichton being tortured is my happy place.

- I posted a Farscape drabble, Five Names John Didn't Give to His Son (And One Name He Did). It almost makes up for all my "I love it when John cries like a bitch" rambles.

- I posted an SPN fic, through the looking glass, wherein I wrote a premise I've had kicking around on my computer for far too long. I now adore the little girl and Dean's actions in the "normal world."

Of the future:

- A vacation from work. Five days - once I'm off at 5PM on Wednesday, I am OFF until Tuesday.

- I'm taking a break from completing witchy women of the west, my Dean/5 OFCs fic is now certain to blow past 12,000 words and that's even with making quite a few cuts (the Spiral Gates motel is so going into an SPN gen fic that will feature lots and Dean 'N Sam).

- Seeing some awesome friends.
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