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Supernatural: Night Shifter - In Which There is AWESOME

These are not the Mandroids you are looking for.

Do I need to even state how fucking ace that ending was?

"We are so screwed."

OMG I CANNOT FUCKING TAKE IT. Dean Winchester is John Crichton to me. Now and forever. Um. Yeah. So like, John Crichton = My Favorite Character EVER. Like, I think he's possibly one of the most brilliant Sci-Fi characters ever written.

And I've been thinking why I became all DEAN!!! and flaily and whatnot and shit, that ending? Yeah. That's John Crichton levels of getting fucked over by the universe. Only you know, just like John Crichton, the Boys have a hand in their own destruction.

BOYS, this is why you wear gloves when entering crime scenes!

The irony of my Dean Liar icon:

Dean really is a terrible liar. Sam meanwhile is an excellent one. I've always adored this. Sam's good at being an FBI guy. At being That Guy, at being authoritative, at playing Mr. Sensitive when he has to. He's the finest liar who's ever lied (although his daddy is excellent as well. Fucking John.)

But seriously, Dean just doesn't bother to play the lying game. There's this very obvious "I can't believe you're swallowing this" in his demeanor and tone and it's absolutely fantastic.

John Crichton TOTALLY did this as well. Breaking into a Shadow Depository by pretending to have the KFC secret recipe, anyone?

Dean stating that crazy's the only game in town and the FBI Agent calling Dean Teh Crazy? Seriously, this is like, for me, onscreen porn.

If Dean ever wears a pair of leather pants and slaps his ass, I will DIE. In a very good way. Or if he ever names his guns.

The Cybermen on the cover of that magazine cracked me up. But there's an easy way to defeat them! You either suck them into the VOID or you just make them feel and their heads will explode in HORROR of what they've become. Look out though, because they get quite angry when they come...FROM BEYOND THE GRAVE!!! /scenery-chewing-Lumic

Some truly awesome lines throughout the episode.

"Bonnie to your Clyde." "Well, that's right."

YOU CAN IMAGINE SAM'S BITCHFACE. Oh, and we got like a THOUSAND variants of Sam's bitch!face. And seeing ONSCREEN something that so many writers/meta folk have speculated about: Sam dealing with girls fawning all over Dean. Heh.

"I like him, he says okey-dokey."

"We're not working for the MANDROID!" -> Sam is so irritated/angry/pissed off at having to say this. Heeee.

Consequences. That's the game, really. That's what makes things hurt and that's how a show gets under your skin. Heh, that pun was unintended. But it's amazing to see that the Boys have just blow the fucking doors off lying low, of taking a break. They can't stop now. It's time to keep on doing what they're doing.

How many people were killed, officially? Two people (and a possible 'twin'?) and Ronald. Who had a Wall of Crazy, as must ever obsessed person have.

"My Dad was a hero!"

And how easy heroes fall. Men into monsters, monsters wearing the skin of men, it's all topsy-turvy and when your line of work doesn't fit in with the accepted version of the real world?

Oh, man, you are so screwed.

This show now OWNS me a lot. A LOT A LOT A LOT.
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