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The Brothers Winchester and John Crichton: An Angst-Off In Church Signs

Oh, I shouldn't be allowed to play with poster or motivational photos. I tried to do a jokey Catholic John Crichton martyr church sign.

Then I did a Supernatural one and I just completely did a pissing match aka angst-off between John Crichton and the Brothers Winchester.

If you've ever seen Farscape, I think you'd know who'd win. Still, this is like, a Farscape/Supernatural crossover, in terse and angry church signs. And I barely scratched the surface of all the things John's done/experienced on Farscape.

I mean, it's a "replace text" sign for a Catholic church called Our Lady of Martyrs. Heh.

Ah, thus, my accomplishments on my days off. Crack. I either do that sort of thing during the weekend or I continue my bizarre Sims 2 dynasty family, where everyone's starting to get related to one another. I have sixth generation game-born Sims, people and I still have the original great-great-great grand!sims running about, having their sexy affairs and in-fighting.

It's like a soap opera, only with slightly less incest. And no alien abductions yet. Dammit.
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