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Yes, I finally got off my ass and wrote something. Okay, it's only one hundred words, including the title, but hey, it's something.

One of my friends is in an advanced writing seminar and was showing me her assignments. And do you know what one of them was? A drabble. No, really. 100 words, including title. So I thought to myself, "why don't I try to do something not fanficish and try to write one of those suckas?" I didn't think "suckas."

So, here it be:


One sat down by the other, striking a burnished lighter towards the cigarette. The tip glowed in gratitude, turned downwards over the precipice. Two pairs of sandaled feet swung in accidental unison.

One intended to speak. The cigarette was flicked away, disappearing in the distance. They watched the sun retreat, unleashing the night. With a fiery crack, one stared at the blue flame, throwing the lighter away in disgust.

“More will come,” the other darkly intoned. The one didn’t nod, only watched as fire was discovered for the first time in human existence.

Their nightly watch was almost over.

The end.
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