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I was a taller girl too, once.

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I could watch Ben Browder cry all day long

I'm watching Won't Get Fooled Again (Farscape). I'm so happy right now.

I could cry.

Also, today is ignited's birthday. She shall be spending the day being her usual awesome self. One day, Stef, I will make you watch the rest of The Peacekeeper Wars and it will be awesome. *loffs you*

Do us a favor and drink some sort of alcohol-y thing. :-P

EEEEEEE, Harvey! I love you HARVEY!

Sorry. Once again, I am watching Won't Get Fooled Again. I get er, a bit hyper.

*returns to fangirling over the awesome that is Harvey + John gettin' tortured A LOT*

ETA: And John's MOTHER is onscreen. YES MAN!PAIN, BRING IT ON!!! WOOOOOO!!!
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