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I love my dad. Even though he's a Mets fan. *g*

So driving home from work today, I spot a bus with the A:tS ad (about the reruns on TNT) on the side. It has a fiery background with the stupid logo of "Live fast. Die Never." And Angel's on it with the rather funny expression of "Huh...did I leave the stove on?" but it looks like it's a S1/S2 promo shot, so even his "whuh?" expression does not detract his Sex-ayness.

And I thought about how cool it would be to ask my dad, who works for the bus company, if he could get me that ad. Because I am Queen of the Geeks.

When I finally get home, I walk into the living room and what do I see? The ad. I squeal and jump around and much hugging occurs.

Eeeee! I know it's silly, and it's not like I'll have it hanging up over my bed, but seriously? It's very cool.

I have a poster of Angel pondering if his house on fire.
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