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Wherein she doesn't have need of a Doctor


Next week is the testing of my O RLY threshold. If I like next week's episode of Doctor Who, I'll be happy to forgot the Daleks Take in Mahattan storyline and I won't be found to randomly shout out, in a blind rage, all the things that made me ever so pissed.

Those who are enjoying it, bless you. I long to be counted among your ranks. Just not today.

The Director's Cut is up for next week's episode of Supernatural.

I've already informed several people that I probably will be a mess at aroudn 10:00pm on Thursday night, but that it is okay.

I may have bounced the dance of Won't Get Fooled Again joy of fucked up doom. Just a little.

And that is not a spoiler for the clip, by the way, at most it spoilers the previews that came out at the end of last week's episode. Just to let you know.
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