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...a pirate's life for me

As I pulled out the shirt I had in my gym back, I realized I was going to be wearing my "Go Pirates!" t-shirt while I worked out. Which is technically a Veronica Mars reference but I love the shirt and it really does cover all pirate-affairs.

Totally unintentional. Sadly got totally gross and sweaty and GAH, I nearly killed myself on the treadmill. It was too hot at my gym, when I overheat, I become utterly useless and it make breathing difficult, and you know, I need to BREATHE while I'm busting my ass, running for my life, on the treadmill.

Oh and I totally saw PotC 3 tonight. No spoilers because I am so TIRED.

Of the good: my bosses are taking tomorrow off as a vacation. While I'll be "working" tomorrow, this hopefully will mean that my stress levels will be reduced.

*crosses fingers*

Only thing I'll say about PotC is this:

My Rating System (for all three movies)

1. PotC 1 - top of the list. The most rewatchable by far.

2. Potc 3 - it worked for me in most parts.

3. a Brokeback Mountain parody of PotC featuring the OT3 luuuuurve of Jack/Will/Norrington - this must be on youtube somewhere and I hope the parody is not craptastic.

4. Any decently written PotC fanfic. Preferably with smut.

5. Those goddamn WalMart special release PotC merchandise - please note that I have vowed to never step into a WalMart, so long as I may live.

6. PotC 2

I think that about sums it up.
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