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in which it is late and my brain wants to have another day of vacation

So, I got to hang out with ignited. Which involved our fic o' doom. Hilariously I have a Word Document titled "Porn to Write" listing all the sex scenes I must write for our fic. Cuz ignited might be kinky, but that girl gets all weirded out with my "but Dean would totally be into rimming!" comments.

Then I write Dean whacking off to the thoughts of girls and guys and his brother, because that somehow, is okay in Stef's book.


We also "watched" Farscape, the commentary to John Quixote, and by "watched" I mean that I passed out. Thank god Stef got her own bed so there was no grabbyhanded action.

Oh, and I saw Bubba Ho-Tep and Evil Dead because Bruce Campbell is awesome. GREEN BLOOD. Hee.

When I was not chillin' with ignited, I watched Dexter with my mother, who'd listened to me go on and on about it while it was airing. She loves it, which is great, because even despite my ramblings, she didn't realize it was about a SERIAL KILLER until she saw Dexter kill that guy in the pilot ep. Heh. Surprise.

Upon rewatch, I was amazed by how much my Big Bang story was influenced by Dexter. At least, the Miami that exists in my mind is partly from Dexter and also from my real life, you know? Although I've spent enough time in Miami for a plane switch - I've only been to the airport, reallly.

Now I go back to looking at the clock and realizing how little time I have left to finish my "final" draft of my story. God bless my betas.
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