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a world without shrimp. Or Jennem.

I must inform you all that jennem is without internet(s) and ho boy, I just gave her a brief rundown of what's the what and she is "fucking angry that [she] is without internet connection" during this insane time.

When I don't rage, jennem does the raging for me. Honestly, because I'm feeling like utter shit right now, I can't even get myself to major bitchery at the moment. Know that if I was right as rain, I'd be pissed as fuck right now. Especially at LJ/SixApart for the way these fuckers have been handling Strikethrough '07.

I looked at my lj interests this morning again and really, it's pretty fucking vanilla. Then I realized I tagged any SPN fic with SamnDean slash undertones as wincest. Do I delete my tag? Fuck that noise.

Currently my postless greatestjournal stands a maybe-point, but you know, I fucking love the community experience of livejournal. I LIKE it here. It's not just that I'm used to it, but I'm comfortable here. I get to keep track of people I've known since I was freakin' 18, since I basically grew out of being an idiot teenager who didn't realize there was a whole INTERNET full of people interested in tv shows to the point of, like, really discussing every little detail.

I went TO livejournal for a blogging experience that allowed me to keep track of my beloved fandom friends. Now, it's like, I have to pack up my bags, just in case?

I have many things to say, but it won't make much sense, it just involves a lot of creative use of the word fuck.
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