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those who are working for the weekend, we salute you

I believe it's luckycookie's birthday, today, yah? Happy birthday.

God, this week at work was just a "kill me now" kind of clusterfuck of hell. I left work today at 5:30, still with a shitload to do, but hey, unlike some of my other coworkers, I don't have to come in tomorrow.

Seriously, they will be in the office, on a blessed Saturday, WORKING.

I will be out drinking. Or just hanging with mah bitches. After I take my car in to be serviced (must be up by 9:00am!) and get myself to the mall. Where I'm shopping for my boss, as a favor, because I'm DUMB.

Boss: Are you going to the mall this weekend?
Me (Idiot): Yes. (Thinking: MUST buy new perfume, Vera Wang is running so low, hmmm, totally need to get new Victoria's Secret panties, ooh, I wonder if NY & Company has any non-super bright colors because I need some new shirts.)
Him: Can you do me a favor...?
Me (Idiot): Sure! No problem!

I'm going to be buying a Coach purse. Oh, the adventures of my life.

But after that, I shall go into the city to celebrate the birth of raelala.

And there will be alcohol. Oh yes, alcohol.
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