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There was a new SPN promo and I missed it?

Damn it.

Also, my journal will be S3 spoiler-free unless noted under a flocked post with an obvious lj-cut. I'm spoiled now but I don't really have a lot to say about it. I'm too fucking Zen about shit like that.

"Ooooh, spooky spoilers that Dean's going to go down on a banana, choke on it, and DIE, and that's how he gets dragged to hell and then he tricks Satan into a violin contest and becomes the new Lord of the Underworld! Sam will then roadtrip with Bobby's awesome nephew, played by Ben Browder."

I don't freak about that stuff. By the way, all of that is a TRUE FACT. I've spoiled you all.

Y'all can hate me now. But don't hate Our New Undead Lord Dean. He'll send another zombie apocalypse if he's in the mood for it.

If the above was true, I'd write so much slashfic that I'd forget that I'm a gen/het/slash/femslash/crack/anything writer, I'd stick solely to slash because my dreamcasting of Ben Browder in Supernatural makes me a diry, dirty perv.



What should be the name of Ben Browder's character, aka the hotass nephew of Bobby?
John (nee Crichton)
Eric (nee Kripke)
Kim (nee Manners)
Sue (A Boy Named)
Maurice (Gangsta of Love)

Go here to pick a name for Ben's awesome SPN character!
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