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this human has defeated the robot

I killed my laptop.

Well, I mean, it's working, it's just that the hinges to the screen have finally given up the ghost and the screen is no longer attached to the rest of the computer. So I trekked to Best Buy and my baby's out for repairs for about two weeks. I am really trying not to freak about this. I transferred as much of my stuff as I could, although I fucked up and I don't think I have all my music stored off my iTunes and motherfucker, how the hell am I going to charge my iPod?

My poor computer was being held together by clamps for a month, um, I've kind of been in denial about how bad the problem was.

Yeah, so no computer, Potterdammerung is within days, and shit, I have a lot of fic to write.

Awesome. Just...awesome.
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