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I was a taller girl too, once.

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Amazing, I can run a mile faster than I ever could when I was in school. I may be properly all tuckered out thanks to the gym, but I am DELIGHTED by how I am able to haul ass on the treadmill.

Also, you know, I am not a really fashionable person, but UM, my body is getting back to the kickass form I had during my second year of college and I need to go clothes shopping. I've already written a list of what I want to take to Cali for WinCon. Yes, I'm a FREAK.

You guys, the hot sexass dress that I rocked the fuck out when I was 20? It FITS again. I loves it. It has sleeves to the elbow and sort of a flameco thing going on with the skirt and I look so cute in it.

Now I need to find some kickass pants because some of my "tight" pants are getting lose. FOR THE WIN.

Cute clothes! Getting girly again! BOOBS! HEALTHIER BODY!

I am excited.
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