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Well yeah okay, there may have purple nurples

A Purple Nurple contains the following:

Coconut Rum
Blue Curacao
Cranberry Juice

So now you know. Also, I did not drink that on Saturday night. No, my drink list was vodka-based as usual and had the following entertaining names: Satin Panties, Bursting Blonde, and the Harry Potter shot. FIRE is involved in the Harry Potter shot so I loves it a lot. And Red Bull is the second main compontent of the Bursting Blonde and I had two of them because I was an idiot so I did not get to sleep for a long ass time.

More importantly, there was the meeting of extremely awesome people, great conversations of fannish talk, and no hangovers the following day. That's called win-win-win.

Let's see, I first met up with pheebs1 and embroiderama at a Starbucks and we chatted for a bit before heading over to the restaurant where we were meeting dotfic, obeetaybee, spiritofkt, and ivy03. Who are all awesome. And after dinner, we headed to the bar where I proceeded to get not-drunk after five shots.

Which is kind is wrong. What happened to my ability to get drunk after one girl-drink?
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