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Heroes are Lizards too

This whole episode could have just been Bennet and the Haitian (Best Friends Forever!) seeing each other. Seriously, that on a loop. I want it.

The Haitian Sensation That's Sweeping The Nation is BACK, Y'all.

Claire, I love you, but girl, you need to learn to...stop doing that. All of that.

Peter's storyline in the land of Lucky Charms will eventually stop sending me into a fit of giggles right?

It's okay, Mama Petrelli is so fucking badass (I AM KINDA GLAD SHE ISN'T DEAD YET and I know I'm gonna regret saying that 'cause the bitch is crazy-evil) that the Petrellis contine to be awesomely fascinating.

Hiro's cute and all but I was more all YAY! about Sark Kensei being a Claire. Woo!

Next week Niki's back? FUCK.
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