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Jensen Ackles once dated a mountain lion, true fact!

You know what makes me and ignited extra-awesome?

That we announce to one another when new interviews of the Boys come out and then proceed to read them to each other. And she just did. Ah, Stef.

And to show you where our interests lie, my reaction to Jensen's Variety Interview is this:

OMG Jensen loves Cool Hand Luke! Ben Browder LOVES Cool Hand Luke and always put references into Farscape episodes! I can haz Browder on SPN nao?

With a lot more flailing. A LOT MORE.

And then Stef told me that Jensen's porn name would be Pudgy Midway and I KNEW that was what got her into a tizzy. Hee.

For the record, my porn name is Jasmine Ramble.

Also, Jensen <3s Johnny Depp.


*goes to reread*
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