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spn remix gushing

Okay, I can't believe I didn't like, make a huge ass rec the moment it was revealed, but the SPN Remix fic authors were revealed like ages ago in fandom-time, but still, I must rec it because it's fabulous.

vinylroad wrote a remix of halo girls and dreamers, my story that I wrote for femmenerd and called (in my head) "the one where Sam fucks a ballerina." So yes, from that story, Kat writes this astounding piece from the OFC's point of view, and it nails so many things that were in my head and expands the story to make it so much freakin' better.

A Balance in Fifth

I kind of spazzed all over poor Kat already and there's a couple of lines in the story that left me breathless, but I'll leave you with the summary line as it killed me good considering it sorta reference the time jump I do to the beginning of halo girls and dreamers:

Sometimes, when she stops to think about it, she realizes that her mind tells the story backwards.

So fucking ace, y'all.

(Needless to say, it is NC-17. In the best of ways.)
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