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Here Be Pirate Gold, Abandon All Ye Hope...


These Pirate Drabbles are very cool and I couldn't help but write one:

Dead Men Tell No Tales

A rattle worse than death (there's something worse than death?), a hand of bones, and the boatman requests, "Payment."

You open your dead hand (dead three days, your body buried in Greece, you'd promised you'd return) and there, a coin for eternity.

There's a grin beneath its black cloak (a coffin is pulled open: rotted flesh, your rigor-mortised hand ripped open, bones cracking), and an answer, "Cursed. Unclean. You cannot enter."

You try to hold the coin in your fingers, like your life, it flees.

The boat glides down the river and you know.

(Your corpse stays in Greece, but you, lost spirit, wander the sea, forever to wail one word.)

Tags: drabble, fic, potc fic
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