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brain? still on notice

Okay I am just freaking done with my brain. Look, I have 12,000 words of a trilogy of Dean/OFCs het that, after some editing will be DONE and it would be nice to post it, yeah?

No, because my brain decides that it would like to write Sam/Jess. Sam and freakin' Jess. But all the good Sam/Jess stories have been written. By some of my favorite writers. So UM why I am writing something that no one would want to read?

Mmm, I just don't know.

It's a weird writing thing for me. I really don't want to tread on other people's more interesting works, which I know is impossible any way, we're all going to be writing similar things, nature of writing, but I feel that this story is just, well, it's been done. But at the same time, it's getting into Sam's head, which I frankly need to do, write some Sam het and have it be somewhat engaging.

But, Sam/Jess.

I swear to god, this Dean/OFCs set of stories is always going to be put on the backburner. Poor stories.
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