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I was a taller girl too, once.

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dear santa, may I have a killer polar bear?

For Christmas, someone should write me Shawn/Gus from Psych. Not even um, them being slashed together (but holy hoyay, batman!) just Shawn and Gus being their usual awesome selves.

And having people mistake them for being a couple anyway.

OMG there was a new Psych episode on and it was soooooo awesome. The credits were even given a bit of a holiday treatment.

I was DYING at Shawn giving out gifts. OMG. A Christmas Story BB Gun.

He gives Lassie a snowglobe and tells everyone in the station to give that to Lassiter. DEADLY FEAR OF SNOWGLOBES. SO FUCKING AWESOME.

I was so enchanted with the episode. Hee. Psych is my happy place, made better that I watch it with my younger sister Johnny

Also I saw The Golden Compass today and um, thoughts on it, may be posted later. I am having Issues with the ending right now. But I also really, really want an armored bear of my very own. Regardless of whether the bear sounds like Ian McKellen.
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