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I should dare people to make me blush more often.

Beyond the awesome goings-on at kashmir1's lust meme, yesterday's love orgy inspired RPF/SPN fic...with um, Dean...

And me? Ahahaha, netweight totally got me blushing. So it's Dean/Reg/Sofia fic. It breaks like the TENTH wall, dudes.

In Conclusion, Women are Awesome.


She doesn’t seem to notice anything wrong, is already saying, "This is my friend…" only to stop short and laugh. "Reg?"

Cleavage Girl is staring at him. Wide, wide eyes outlined in layers of black mascara and it’s two beats and another "Reg!" before she blinks dazedly, sucks in a breath and says "Reg! Yes! I’m Reg! Reg is fine," which makes absolutely no sense and what kind of name is Reg anyway but she smiles at him, before her eyes flick down. To his mouth. And she licks her lips.


Okay, my brain is broken, I am in desperate need of sleep but I am still reading this and DYING. "Cleavage Girl." Dean POV fic. With a fic!version of myself. *throws hands up in the air*

Oh guys, it turns out not only can you make me blush, you can also BREAK MY BRAIN.

In CONCLUSION, Sofia really must love me a lot to be happy to share Dean with me. *giggles*
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